Straight Talk: A Conversation with Ashok Subramanian

BlueBack Health Principal, Eric Thompson recently sat down with Centivo CEO/Founder, Ashok Subramanian for our latest session of Straight Talk.

With a background in health care and private equity, serial entrepreneur, Ashok Subramanian, CEO and Founder at Centivo discussed his humble upbringing in Buffalo, New York and what motivates his passion to challenge the status quo. Centivo’s model reflects its direct understanding and alignment of client/employer needs in achieving greater affordability and avoiding the utilization of unnecessary care. Health benefit provider, Centivo operates under a uniquely high-performing, yet simple, Primary Care-centered model that encourages coordination and collaboration of the right health care team. This model focuses on satisfying the health and wellness needs of the whole person, with illness prevention and improved outcomes at the forefront. Not only is team-oriented care integral to the Primary Care Model, but there is a direct correlation between this method of service delivery and improved health outcomes and reduced cost.