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Special Interest: Financial Wellness

Feeling overwhelmed by economic worries? Prior to the global pandemic, nearly 72% of Americans reported feeling stress and anxiety over their personal finances. An uncertain economic climate has meant that even more are facing financial hardship and angst. Like so many sources of anxiety and stress, financial difficulties can take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Experts are seeing unprecedented upticks in the rate of depression and anxiety, as well as everything from sleep difficulties, poor concentration, weight fluctuations, chronic pain, substance misuse, low self-esteem, and fluctuating moods. Researchers have found that an employee in financial distress directly affects the workplace. There is a direct correlation between an employee struggling with personal financial stress and lower productivity, commitment to an organization, less job satisfaction, poor customer service, wasted work time dealing with finances, workplace conflict and ultimately burnout.

By confronting your financial challenges head on- you will not only reduce your level of stress, but regain control of your finances and quality of life! This month we are excited to introduce you to industry leaders, as we tackle matters of financial literacy and reclaim peace of mind.  

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