Welcome to the 4th Annual Chamber Wellness Challenge

For 2023 we are happy to announce a new Chamber Wellness Challenge that focuses on Teamwork!  We have several challenges that encourage participants to walk daily, reach individual milestones, and work as a team to accomplish goals! As a Connecticut Chamber member, you can join the 2023 Chamber Wellness Challenge (CWC) to support your community, engage with other chamber members, and focus on your health. It’s time for Moving Day...  let's build a team and do this together!

Thanks for your interest in the 2023 Chamber Wellness Challenge.  Registration is now closed.  Please stay tuned for future announcements about registrations and sponsorship opportunities for upcoming Wellness events.


It has been a real pleasure to witness the growth of the Chamber Wellness Challenge since its inception in 2020. In the first few months of Covid, the CWC helped companies build teamwork at a time when most employees worked remotely. Walking and online engagement help many get through that tough time.

The following year I “stepped up” my personal goal and became more involved not just as a chamber executive and planner, but as a daily walking participant. We formed our team and I started walking in the spring and continued right up to the end of the program in the warm summer months. During the three months I shed 15 pounds, helping me to continue on my fitness journey to lose an additional 12 pounds. I had not felt this well and energetic in some time. My cardio capacity increased and I no longer felt the afternoon office sag, as most walks were completed before work in the morning.

I love hiking and walking. The sweet smell of the spring and summer air made the CWC a pure joy. Birdwatching was occasionally part of the morning routine as I brought my binoculars with me on some days. Often my wife and I could recruit fellow walkers to join us. It was fun and very healthy.

This is a great program. Sign up, lace up, and healthy up this summer and bring along your workmates and friends!

Ray Andrewsen

Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce

Sponsorships Available!

Looking for increased exposure for your business?  We have several options to share your message with all the Chamber Members participating in this challenge across CT! Download these flyers for more info.