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BlueBack Health announces BlueChip21 Wellness Program

BlueChip21 launched July 1st

BlueChip21 is a year-round wellness program offering for employers that are either too small for their own custom wellness program or just dipping their toes in employee wellness.  The program will have quarterly entry points and incentive thresholds, making it simple for employers to augment their benefits package in conjunction with their benefit plan year, or along the way. 

An affordable solution

BlueBack Health principal Eric Thompson says, “In my discussions with small business there is interest to provide wellness benefits for employees, but it is often cost prohibitive.  Whether it is the technology, the staff to manage the program, or the activities themselves, it can be difficult for small employer groups to add this worthwhile benefit. BlueChip21 provides an affordable way to enhance the overall benefits package.”

The BlueChip21 program starts at $30 per employee per quarter and includes all programming, reporting, user support, and incentive advisement. 

BlueChip21 is built on the WellRight platform, our wellness technology partner.  The WellRight platform offers innovative and accessible options, including text message tracking and a mobile app, to allow for access wherever the wellness journey takes you. 

Supporting the Whole Person

BlueChip21 provides opportunities for employees to participate in monthly challenges to build healthy habits in multiple areas of their lives.  The program covers key aspects of wellbeing: Emotional, Financial, Occupational, Physical, Social and Purpose. Besides hitting multiple aspects of wellness employees are eligible to invite their spouse or adult dependents to the BlueChip21 portal so the entire family can work on healthy habits together. 

“Supporting the whole person in the workplace is so important for fostering a thriving workplace culture,” says Christine Conroy, Wellness Consultant at BlueBack Health. “The wellness industry has evolved from emphasizing walking 10,000 steps a day and eating more broccoli to incorporate much needed resources for mental health, financial stability, social connection and community involvement.  The BlueChip21 program does just that.”

Besides monthly challenges, BlueChip21 offers a quarterly walking event, a wellness university, pop-up challenges throughout the year and opportunities for participants to set their own challenges on areas of wellness they want to work on. 

Health Coaching Included

A differentiating aspect of the BlueChip21 program is that health coaching is included for all participants. All health coaches affiliated with the program have at least a bachelor’s degree in their field of study, and many have master’s degrees.  

Health coaches can discuss a wide array of topics: smoking cessation, sleep hygiene, nutrition, fitness, prenatal health, family and relationship dynamics, emotional wellbeing, weight management, occupational, personal finances or even finding your purpose. 

Employers can rest assured their employees will have the resources and support needed to improve their health. When employees and their families are healthy, the resultant employee engagement spurs creativity, productivity, and accomplishment at the individual and organizational level. 

Learn More

If your company is interested in learning more about BlueChip21 or potentially offering to your employees, contact Eric Thompson, principal of Blue Back Health using this form. 

We are ready to onboard your employee group to the BlueChip21 platform!  Entry points are July 1st October 1st, January 1st, and April 1st.  Do not wait until one of those dates though, get in touch now!