Eric Thompson


We are at the threshold of a revolution that will fundamentally and forever change how we view, access, pay for, and benefit from our healthcare system. For years, business leaders and governments have grappled with numerous concepts and programs to help quell the inequities, inefficiencies and exorbitant costs of quality health care in our nation. Though it may appear progress has been made, we must understand that many of the new payment plans and wellness initiatives are flash-in-the-pan shell games. Regardless of how they are packaged and promoted, they ultimately lead us back to where we have always been, and currently still are–seeking a realistic, sustainable solution.

Eric has been preparing to help lead this change over the course of his entire career, and even earlier. At 17 he was appointed Governor for the New England District of Key Clubs, and pushed hard for fundraising throughout New England to raise money for Pediatric ICU resources at New England Medical Center. When their doctors successfully reattached the leg a young boy after being struck by a drunk driver, Eric watched him walk a mere few months after surgery. That was the moment Eric's admiration for our healthcare system took root.

During his career which began in financial underwriting, and later progressed to client management and now benefit advisory, he succeeds because he combines his deep roots knowledge of the business with an immersive understanding of what his clients truly need. Instead of building a “book of business” Eric dives deep to nurture meaningful client relationships based on truthful dialogue about his clients' goals and struggles with healthcare. And through his thousands of conversations with clients and business leaders over the years, he recognizes a disconnect in his previous thinking about healthcare: although our nation's medical science is admirable, our healthcare system continually fails us.

Questions perpetually drive him to pursue something better:

  • Why are most people merely being managed, and not truly getting better?
  • Why must families struggle and at times go without needed care?
  • Why should so many lives be negatively impacted by rules, regulations, and confusion?
  • Why are extraordinary outcomes limited to the elite with pockets deep enough to absorb the extraordinary costs?
  • And why do brokers persist in selfish, flim-flam money grabbing games that leave employers stretched to pay more and more, while their employees get less and less?

He now realizes he is called to help shape a sustainable, quality-driven healthcare system, and willingly embraces that role.

As Eric repositions BlueBack Health for this new future, he is building a glistening team of dynamic thinkers, innovators, and influencers–each of whom are productively devoting their lives to make life better for all of us. Eric and his team are all in, and he invites you to join them.

Let's start a conversation about moving the practice of healthcare from volume to value.

Let's take control, innovate, and end today's craziness once and for all.