Let's start a different conversation about health insurance.

One that focuses on what is truly at stake.

People in a futuristic building

Let's start a different conversation about health insurance.

One that focuses on what is truly at stake.

People in a futuristic building

Are you committed to creating a better future for your employees and your organization?

There is a realistic, simple and sustainable solution to today's health insurance problems. Let's take a different position, move beyond assumptions, and create an authentic, lasting solution.

There are three key problems with health insurance:

Let's Unpack Each One

1. Cost of insurance: Flawed strategies

Rate shopping or shifting costs to employees are both flawed strategies. And, trusting in anyone who states they can provide lower rates because of their status or buying power in the market is ludicrous. Employers must face the new, informed reality: rate shopping and cost shifting are dead. To truly end our health insurance problems, we must focus on what actually drives the rates the market offers, and take action.

2. Cost of care: Limited control

Today, too much price control lies in the hidden contracts between the provider and payer, leaving consumers with little to no influence over what their care costs. At the same time, captives or referenced based pricing techniques are being offered up as innovative cost-saving strategies. But, like a game of hot potato, these are merely schemes that shuffle and shift the burden of risk and cost to others in the same pool. Through it all, valuable time and resources are wasted on the wrong thinking and conversation. There is a tangible, game-changing option available – right within our grasp – and the clock is ticking. How much longer will we allow a broken model of unaffordable healthcare to prevail? How much more time, money and quality of life are we willing to lose each day?

3. Amount of consumption: The root of the problem

Medical need drives care consumption, which in turn drives costs. There are three points to understand about consumption: 1. consumer education creates awareness, 2. responsible spending can reduce usage costs, and, 3. improved health is the only way to lower both consumption and costs for good. Period.

The path to authentic change and savings

Controlling consumption is the conversation for real change. It is the only way out of the stranglehold of our bloated, broken healthcare model, and onto the path of enlightened transformation. We believe health improvement is the imperative. It affects every single one of us. Every single day. As you read this, no doubt even you can think of a few things you can do to improve your health. Now multiply that action by the number of your employees. And calculate what that could mean to your balance sheet. That real bottom line of that story is improved quality of life, productivity, and endurance. The substantial cost savings are a bonus.

It all can start with a data-driven understanding of the most pressing healthcare needs of your employees, followed by an intentional health awareness and improvement strategy. From there, the right education and health resources will help shape and maintain healthier habits and lifestyles. The improvement, and savings, are unmistakable. Controlling consumption is the only path for authentic change.

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