5 Questions with FitStylist Shana Schneider

1. What was the motivation behind the launch of Fitstyle by Shana?

One of the biggest fitness challenges we have is finding the time to exercise and then the next hurdle can often be getting started. We know how important fitness is to feeling good, having energy and being able to enjoy life. Through research, training, and decades of experience working in offices and juggling crazy schedules, I created Fitstyle by Shana to teach working women and company teams how to embrace a mental mindset shift from needing to exercise to needing to move and finding ways to bring fitness into our everyday life. 

2. You are always on the go…  What is a typical day like for you?

I am…haha. but as I like to say…always on the move. Because with my corporate clients and Fitstyle members we see ourselves as movers and shakers quite literally! A typical weekday starts with a 5-10 minute meditation, coconut pulling and checking my email while stretching, teaching a livestream indoor energy boosting walk class, meeting with a one-on-one client, having lunch and doing my arm toning while watching a reality show episode, then hunkering down at my standing desk to work on developing new content for the FItstyle membership, and rounding out the day leading an afternoon stretch break or fitstyle workshop for a corporate client, then having dinner and relaxing with some stretching before heading to bed to start it all over again!

3. What are your top 3 tips for our audience on increasing energy and motivation to work out?

Instead of three tips, I’m going to give you three steps to follow right now…align the top of your head with the ceiling, roll your shoulders forward up and back, then take a deep breath. Feels good, right? I call this the Fitstyle Check-in. By following these steps, you not only got started, but also got into a good posture position, which allows you to bring in more oxygen to the body, giving you more energy to move and ultimately be ready for exercise. It’s important to remember that every step counts and can improve your mental and physical health. 

4. What is the best part of your Fitstyle Walking Tours? Anything unique or funny that you ever came across on a group tour?

I combine exercise and exploration on my Fitstyle walking tours, which means we walk at a brisk pace…with a no walker left behind policy, of course. I share fun facts about New Haven and Yale along the way, so you don’t even realize it’s exercise – it’s just fit fun. One time on a private walking tour the President of Yale’s wife saw our little group and invited us into their parlor to see the art collection. We definitely took a little stretch break to take a peek inside. And the walks are often scheduled by companies as a unique activity for new staff orientations or staff breaks. Plus, the simple act of walking can help reduce stress and boost morale! 

5. What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Helping people feel better. Hearing about how the aches and pains of sitting at a desk was something they thought they just had to live with, but after a stretch break and learning to create a stretch habit, those aches and pains are gone! When someone shares how they have shed the guilt of feeling like they’re not doing enough or sweating enough, so they don’t start at all, but feel empowered with fitstyle to realize every step counts and now they’re creating standing standing meetings and incorporating walking throughout their day and feeling good. When someone tells me their clothes are fitting better and you can see the smile and confidence on their face. The best part of my job is knowing that when I can help people feel better, they can step into all they are here to accomplish, and the world is ultimately better for it!